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1.  Download digital pdf file of  book  - Match Your Driver to Your Favorite Club  

                                                                                            by  George Hodgetts

  This book can be viewed on a Kindle, ipad, Apple or a PC computer. The overall theme of this book is the discovery of just how important it is to find the one flex that fits your swing  best. It may be of interest to you if you think you might like a technical article on how golf clubs behave during a swing. It covers a wide range of subjects including how to copy characteristics of your favorite club into your driver. The research for this book was conducted over a 40 year period. Club tests were staged with players instead of robots hitting shots. Shaft flexing during a swing was recorded with strain gauges on the shaft for real time high resolution graphs.An accelerometer in a driver head shows how abruptly the head reaches it’s final velocity and the role of kick speed in getting it there. After reading this book, you will never again be fooled by anyone talking to you about shaft flex using the letter designators like REG or STIFF!


  Order  pdf  ebook  “ Match Your Driver to Your Favorite Club”                                                 

      Price   $ 10.95              



2.  Send us your favorite club and your driver and we will return both within 7 days.  If your driver has a detachable shaft, we offer a full refund minus  our shipping costs  if shaft  is returned in  original condition within  15 days. Read “Testimonials” from recent customers on this web site

        Re-shaft present driver

Send both driver and favorite club to:


                 Southern Golf

                 2550 Pelham Pkwy

                 Pelham, AL 35124

    Price:    $ 155.00            

3.  We can rebuild any club in your set to hit exactly like your favorite club. Mail  your favorite club along with  the offending club to the above address.  


    Price:     $75.00        


If you don’t have a favorite club, go to  next page, Full Fitting to get your driver re-shafted.



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