Turning bulls Associates

    With HELP WANTED signs doting the landscape, our experience in finding workers is only exceeded by, some might say good luck, finding buyers for businesses that might be for sale.

    All of our associates have experience in diverse industries, but specialize in light manufacturing in the Birmingham area.

  George Hodgetts  has guided many companies through difficult times by renegotiating supplier or customer contracts, refinancing,  reorganizing, or merging them with larger organizations.

    Our associates , being younger than George, may  not have as much experience in dealing with corporate life-or-death issues, but can supply  expertise in their field when needed.

  We  can advise on accounting, legal, financial and hiring issues to any business that is struggling to maintain its workflow in this time of crisis triggered by the corona virus epidemic.

    When George lived in Boston most of his clients were start-ups or large companies such as Dupont, Emerson Electric, Raytheon, Textronix, EG&G, and Analog Devices, to name a few. Here in the South he works exclusively with small to medium sized organizations where the recurring problem seems to be worker shortage and the financial stress that follows.

  Our organization is well prepared to find a way for you to stay in business and to grow through the expected recession that is already upon us.