Turning bulls Associates

   To help solve these problems, George has put a team of local specialists together, each with 10 to 20 years of successful practice is their fields.

  He can meet with you at no charge and determine which associate can  help you.    

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  For decades, the founder of Turning Bulls Associates, George Hodgetts, has worked with  small businesses in many roles; as an entrepreneur, small business owner, consultant to near bankrupt companies, and broker for acquisitions. He has also conducted market research for firms large enough  to afford such services. While most of his clients were organizations based in the USA, several were located in Europe.

   Headquartered  in Boston originally, he recently moved to Alabama, and was  convinced to end a short retirement upon learning of the financial plight of many businesses in Alabama and surrounding states. Most do not need advice on their product designs, marketing, production methods or managerial practices unlike his former clients. They have order backlogs that cannot be fulfilled due to a shortage of employees who can build their products. The result has been a decrease in sales and  strained relationships with customers and suppliers,  which has led to financial problems.