We match your driver to your favorite club

                                                       Recent Testimonials

1. Email from Jesse xxxxx, Pelham, AL

 You copied my very reliable 3 hybrid to re-shaft my driver so I could hit it straighter. Now I can swing harder and hit it further since I no longer worry about hitting it to the right. Previously, many rounds were ruined hitting it right at just the wrong time. My scores have gone down and are more consistent. Whoever said putting was more important than driving never owned an erratic driver. Many thanks.

2. Letter from Paul xxxxx , Portland, ME (formerly from Celera, AL)

   I challenged Shaftuner to build me a driver that I could develop confidence in off the tee. Mr. Hodgetts asked me to provide my favorite club for him to analyze. I provided him a trusty 3 wood I hit well off the tee for accuracy. The driver that Shaftuner produced was right on the money. I could take a good aggressive swing at the ball and get the results I wanted.  For me the Shaftuner process put a product in my hands that works for my game. Bottom line... I would not hesitate to use their expertise again.

2. Email from Jim xxxxxxx, Calera, AL


   Thanks for finally getting my drives down the center. I have purchased thousands of dollars on clubs only to have the same problem.  Since you matched the flex on my driver shaft to being the same as my favorite 8 iron, the results have been amazing; 30 yards more distance - more fairways hit - and as a direct result lower scores.