We match your driver to your favorite club

    Full Fitting for Players Without Favorite Club

   A full driver fitting can be conducted either at our site near Birmingham, AL, or I will meet you at a site of your choosing anywhere in the USA. The fitting takes less than 2 hours. You hit 40 to 60 shots with our 6-iron test clubs that are separated by 1/7th of a flex covering the entire flex spectrum from L to XS. Then you hit 12 shots with drivers spaced at 3 CPM intervals chosen with the results of the 6-iron test to finalize your driver shaft flex choice and swing weight.


  You can bring your old driver  for verification that I have improved your driving potential.

Option 1 - Come to Birmingham  at your expense plus:

         Add  $100 for fitting

         Add $155 for new shaft, grip and adapter

Option 2 - I will fly to your site if you pay for airfare plus one night stay in hotel plus

         transportation local to your site and back to your site’s airport.

         Add $500 for on-site fitting

         Add $155 for new shaft, grip and adapter, if needed

         (call ahead to determine which tools and adapters need to come with me

          if  you want on-site re-shafting of your driver. 617-584-0039)

Local Full Fitting


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