We match your driver to your favorite club


   The purpose of this site is convince you to let us rebuild your current driver based on your favorite club, if you are lucky enough to have a favorite club, you know, the one that hits long and straight. We can copy  it’s dynamics using our patented method and re-shaft your driver for an exact match to add 15 or more yards off  the tee and help you hit more fairways, which leads to hitting more greens .

  The reason that your favorite club is your favorite is that it’s shaft dynamics are matched to your swing tempo. It is not your favorite because of the club head; see the Driver Heads page. We have developed a patented system for cloning the shaft dynamics for your driver shaft that will hit and feel exactly like your favorite. This system combines two issued patents, and a pending patent together with lots of proprietary know-how honed over a 40 year period. We have letters from satisfied customers dating back to 1983, including one from a PGA touring pro. Don’t buy a new overpriced driver that won’t be fitted as well as your favorite club. Your driver should be your favorite club. If it is not, maybe you are hitting a 3 wood or an iron from the tee because you can’t depend on your driver.

   Here is a recent email from a recent customer, Jim of Calera, AL:

  “Thanks for finally getting my drives down the center. I have spent thousands of dollars on clubs only to have the same problem.  Since you matched the flex on my driver shaft to being the same as my favorite 8 iron, the results have been amazing; 30 yards more distance - more fairways hit - and as a direct result lower scores”.  

  My tests of club heads and shaft flex demonstrate that head choices account for only a 1 yard difference whereas shaft flex selection accounts for a 14 yard difference, the opposite conclusion dictated by common sense and golf industry dogma. My  tests help to explain this flip in logic; that the shaft flex needs to be matched to both your swing tempo and your swing consistency.  Few club fitters know how to do this.

    Your present  driver head, if it is less than 10 to 12 years old, is as good as any new driver head. The limit on USGA head designs were reached 13 ago, so improvements will not occur any time soon without rules changes, in spite of ads to the contrary.

   Let’s use the power of the Internet and build you a driver that matches your favorite at a fraction of the cost of a new and poorly fitted driver you already have or might buy at retail. They  fit you by identifying the best driver they have in stock using their powerful launch monitors. But their test clubs, while numerous, do not span the entire flex spectrum in finely calibrated steps so you will have  a limited selection of flexes  from which to choose the better one. The newest launch monitors can identify the better driver but without  a wide and calibrated selection of flexes measured in CPM, the monitor cannot identiy the best shaft flex for you .

  Go to the Products page to order and find out where to mail your favorite club and driver and receive in return mail, a driver that you will hit as well as your favorite club. If your driver has a detachable driver shaft, send only your favorite club and you will receive a new shaft with the correct head adapter.  Both your favorite and driver will be returned to you  within a few days.

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 Your Driver Should be Your Favorite Club